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Reiki and Crystal Healing


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My name is Parveen and I am a certified Master Reiki and Crystal Healer.

My mission is to create love, laughter and joy. 

I have trained under Master Parag Pattani ( who works on the principles of Master Mikao Usui.

With my training I am able to tap into divine reiki energy flow and channel healing energies to help with emotional and physical issues.


Before learning reiki, I have had an amazing but tumultuous life going through so many bizarre ups and downs. I also have always been very adventurous which is why I probably decided to be a producer in the first part of my life, but now I feel like I am embarking on the second part of my life where I am unlearning all the things, I learnt in the first part.  I feel that we often find ourselves caught up in a rat race trying to fulfil society's expectations but never really taking time to find out what really makes us happy.


In my early 30s I was called to visit the Himalayas and when I went there it was like a breath of fresh air and then suddenly, I was teaching English and filmmaking to Tibetan Monks and studying Tibetan Buddhism. I had such a monkey mind the first time I meditated; I could not go past a minute but after visiting various ashrams and silent retreats like Vipassana, I got more used to it and found it so relaxing and a really nice way to zone out in a very dense city like Singapore where I live most of the time.


3 years ago, while I was trapped in Singapore, I was called to try Reiki for my own healing. I honestly did not know much about it but wanted to try energy healing as I had severe knee problems and migraines which were not going away.  The treatment from the western doctors did not do much help so I sought to seek alternative treatment instead. My very first session gave me so much mobility back that I was able to exercise again, and my migraine disappeared.  I also learnt to understand that most of my physical ailments were rooted in deep emotional wounding. I  felt at ease after every session and my relationship with my family and friends improved as well. I always feel a rush of positivity after every session as sometimes when I walk into one crying, I come out laughing. It really changes my perspectives on things. 


Then it was in early 2021 that the signs started pouring in for me to focus on a  spiritual path in my life and so I decided to study reiki and crystal healing as my first steps in this direction. As I practiced reiki and meditation daily, certain gifts  that were dormant within me started resurfacing. I started getting more in tune with my intuition, vivid dreaming and premonitions, it’s been very magical. I have also been able to cure myself of certain anxieties, childhood wounds and much more. I like to refer to reiki as the gateway to energy healing, it is real and is so powerful that I hope to keep learning more on this journey with plans to deepen my knowledge in this field .Through energy healing I feel I have been evolving and transforming into a better version of myself which I never really thought possible. It all begins with one thought and intention. such as "I want to love myself".  And then, with that you will see a beautiful chapter of your life unfolding.


I do invite you to try a reiki session as it always brings me great joy to pass on the love and healing energy from divine source.

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